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Life in Korea
 * Accommodation
 * Garbage Disposal
 * Driving
 * Communication
 * Transportation
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Life in Korea - Accommodation
  - Residential facilities   - Moving   - Business centers
  - Office rentals   - Purchasing and renting a house   - Types of residence
  - Electricity Power Service   - Residential space rental to foreigners  

  • How to apply for the service
  •   After you have internal line work carried out by a licensed electrical work firm, please submit your electric service
      application along with the required documents to a KEPCO branch by mail, fax or in person. (At your request,
      KEPCO can perform the electrical work)

      Call KEPCO's Customer Center phone number at 123 :
      call "area number +123" when using a mobile phone. An English service is also available at 51.

  • Required documents
  •   KEPCO's electric service application form

      No other documents are required; however, when it is necessary to confirm factual relationships, you are
      required to submit a copy of the building management book or a copy of your ID card (proof of foreigner's
      registration or passport)

  • Payment to the bank and billing

  • How to apply Target customers
    - Complete an automatic payment application form (available from your bank or a KEPCO branch) along with your latest electric charge payment receipt, bankbook, and transaction seal. Then, submit the application to your bank or to a KEPCO branch.

    - Submit a written application via the Internet or by visiting a KEPCO branch.

    * Payments overdue by three months or more will disqualify you from applying for the automatic payment transfer service.

    * Three consecutive counts of invalid automatic transfer due to a shortage of funds in your deposit account will lead to the suspension of the automatic payment transfer service. Likewise, you are required to pay through your bank, then to request KEPCO to lift the ban on the service.
    Those customers who deal with a bank (banks) and want to use the service. 1% discount on the charge within the limit of 5,000 won.

    Service banks, etc. Nationwide online payment transferable banks, Saemaeul Geumgo, Credit Union, post offices, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation-National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives
    How to withdraw - Automatic withdrawal from the customer's account on the due payment dates.

    - In the event that the balance of a customer's deposit account is short, money will be withdrawn by the payment date (beginning with the earlier), by the billing amount (beginning with the smaller), and by the customer number (beginning with the earlier).

    - One Account One Customer: Money will be withdrawn beginning with the earlier billing dates

    - Comprehensive billing customers: Money will be withdrawn by the billing month (beginning with the earlier), by the billing amount (beginning with the smaller), and by the customer number (beginning with the earlier).
    Additional withdrawal If the customer does not pay the whole electricity service charge on the payment date due to a shortfall in the balance of his/her deposit account, he/she can apply for the one-time-additional-transfer service at a cyber branch office or at the Customer Center (call 123). This service will help customers to ease their payment burden.

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