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Life in Korea
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Life in Korea - Accommodation
  - Residential facilities   - Moving   - Business centers
  - Office rentals   - Purchasing and renting a house   - Types of residence
  - Electricity Power Service   - Residential space rental to foreigners  

1. Apartments
  Apartments are residences with five floors or more. As large numbers of people live in a relatively small area,
  commercial markets or public facilities such as supermarkets, post offices, schools, and administrative offices
  are usually located near an apartment complex. Apartments have good security and are convenient. Inhabitants
  may benefit from public sharing of utilities such as heating, gas and water; however these come at the expense
  of an administrative fee. The downside is the annoyance resulting from communal living, such as noise,
  shortage of parking spaces etc.

2. Single Family houses
  Single Family houses stand alone on a private property. Privacy is a merit, and one can plan his living to his
  own taste. The downside is that maintenance is wholly entrusted to the inhabitant, and Single Family houses
  may be harder to find in certain areas, such as downtown.

3. Multi-family / row houses
  These houses are smaller in scale compared to apartments, comprising four stories or less, and housing
  at least two families. There is usually no security guard, but many have parking lots. Rooms are usually
  smaller than apartments. Compared to an apartment of equal size, multi-family houses tend to be less

4. One room / Studios
  One-room/Studios" in Korea are widespread, but concentrated around college vicinity and business
  districts, as students and unmarried adults are the main clients. One-room/Studios usually come with
  appliances and furniture (except beds, in most cases). Most are heated and air-conditioned on
  a single-room basis.

5. Officetels
  Officetels are combinations of office and living space. In addition to standard administrative fees, the
  inhabitant must pay additional maintenance fees required of commercial business buildings. Many are
  equipped with appliances and underground parking. Security is tight as a superintendent oversees the
  building. Officetels tend to be more expensive than one-room studios.

6. Serviced Residences
  Serviced residences are popular with foreigners who intend to stay on a long-term basis. The lease-based
  living complexes provide hotel-style service, but the rooms are generally much bigger than five-star hotels.
  They are often equipped with a kitchen, furniture, electronics, washing machine, and other appliances.
  Like hotels, room service, laundry, limousine, valet and messaging service are all available, but the rent is
  less expensive than staying in hotels.

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